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Personalised Wellness Program


About the program

Our Personalised Wellness Plan will help you reduce the worry, stress and support as you make changes to improve your health, this is something our practitioners are passionate about. The Personalised Wellness Program runs for 12-months and is a “support program” that builds health habits that will last a lifetime. The program focuses on improving health and wellness through lifestyle: dietary, stress management, exercise, relaxation, sleep, and nutrition. The program incorporates the latest health information into a step-by-step plan.

We have the right plan for you:

Feel tired or fatigued? Sleeping-in or need a coffee to get started in the morning?


The energy-boosting program identifies contributing factors such as poor metabolism or lifestyle, environmental, mineral and vitamin deficiencies. From this information we select specific supplements, dietary recommendations and lifestyle modifications that start improving your energy on a cellular level.


Our holistic energy boosting program will improve your spark!


Program duration: 1-3 months

Stress is a very common issue today where we are under constant pressure from our work, the environment, lifestyle and family. It is not always possible to remove yourself from a stressful situation. Herbal medicine has a unique group of plants with adaptogenic compounds that give you the ability to adapt to the current stress levels without changing the stimulus. The Stress Less program combines lifestyle changes and stress management strategies to support you with a healthier life.


Program outline
· Address your symptoms of stress

· Provide you with the key nutrients required during periods of stress and recovery

· Neurotransmitter support to assist healthy mood, memory, and brain function

· Provide healthy eating tips to support stress

· Develop stress management techniques



Program duration: 3-6 months

Healthy Gut – Healthy Lifestyle

If you suffer from:

· Bloating

· Diarrhoea

· Flatulence

· Tiredness or lethargy

· Constipation

· Leaky gut syndrome (gut dysbiosis)

· History of gut damage

Program Outline:
· Eliminate bad bacterium and waste from your digestive system

· Restore your digestive lining and healthy bacteria to improve your digestive function


Digestive and colon health is a cornerstone of our overall health. This program is designed to address your specific health challenges and through a natural, functional medicine approach improve your health outcomes.

Program duration: 6 weeks

Restore your health and vitality with a simple and easy-to-follow plan.  This program enables you to clean your body from those years of toxic build up, improving energy levels and your wellbeing.

Program Outline:

  • Remove toxin exposure through dietary and lifestyle changes
  • Remove bad bacterium and wastes from your digestive system
  • Restore your digestive lining and healthy bacteria to improve your digestive function
  • Release your body toxins so they can be eliminated


Program Options:
· 14-day express detox

· Integrated detox – 4 weeks

· Specialised liver detox – 6 weeks

Feel great, be healthy

The Shake It weight management program is an easy-to-follow, scientifically advanced weight loss programme. It incorporates a healthy and satisfying diet combined with moderate exercise to support rapid and lasting weight loss. We are there every step of the way to help you on your journey and to tailor a plan that suits your needs. We will assist you in setting realistic goals and help motivate you to reach them.


The weight loss program encourages an improvement in body composition and supports toxin elimination from the body. By supporting detoxification regularly during the program, weight loss will be more consistent and you will feel great.


We will support you to get control of your weight and help you to convert your fat into real energy. Start getting results in the first week!


Program benefits:
· Real food

· Long term wellness

· Sustained results

· Practitioner advice and support


Program duration: 10 weeks

As qualified vitality, longevity and healthy ageing Naturopaths, we can design a complete Wellness Program specifically for your needs. We use a range of professional clinical tools that allow us to assess your:

  • Hydration levels
  • Body composition
  • Health status
  • Nutritional status


· Manage your body composition effectively

· Increase muscle tone and fitness

· Support energy levels

· Support healthy ageing

· Support the nutrition and health of your body

· Balance hormones

· Build strength


Program duration: 10 weeks

“We work with you to ensure you can lead a vital life”

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