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Our nutritionists are highly qualified and experienced professionals who are inspired about health and wellbeing, using the best scientific information to identify the nutrient and mineral deficiencies that are impacting on your health.

How a Nutritionist can help you:

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1. Identify nutrient and mineral deficiencies through symptom assessment, clinical observations and pathology tests

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2. Implement a plan to correct the nutrient imbalances and teach daily habits to bring long-term health

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3. Inspire you to take control of your goals for your health


4. Use treatments to assist you to strengthen and support your body to become well

Nutritional consultation:


1. A case history is taken where we assess your health through diet history and conduct specialist tests to find the underlying nutrient deficiencies that are contributing to your health problems


2. The practitioner will go through the test results and explain how the nutrient imbalances are impacting on your health


3. An individualised treatment program is formulated to support your health, lifestyle, supplements and diet

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Examples of nutrient deficiencies’ impact on health:

Calcium: anxiety, insomnia, muscle cramps, osteoporosis
Magnesium: muscle cramps, fatigue, palpations
Potassium: adrenal fatigue, loss of appetite, muscle weakness
Iron: anaemia, fatigue, pale skin, thin hair
Vitamin B12: anaemia, fatigue, anxiety, depression
Folate: allergies, irritability, grey hair, poor growth