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From rash to “Peace in the House”

My daughter had a rash. She had to have antihistamines to control it. We were looking for a solution to stop the outbreak. Brendon suggested a blood test to identify food sensitives.

We discovered that my daughter was highly intolerance to wheat, oats, and gluten, there were some other minor foods, but I did not worry about those. We removed the three foods, and that took away the rash but the miracle for me it took away the hormonal swings that she had, which I thought was just to do with her puberty, but it had reduced her anger dramatically.

I did not realise that having those foods contributed to the mood swings. The change from arguing every day to only once a month is enormous, around her period. The stress that was in the house before has decreased. She doesn’t sneak wheat products anymore she knows how it makes her feel. We have made some mistakes along the way, we found out at the glucose syrup can contain wheat, she was upset about that one, but now we have found some lollies that she can have.

The stress levels went down, the screaming matches went down, a lot more peace in the house.

Helen, Brisbane.

My children are both dyslexic and have trouble focussing. I was about to put them on Ritalin when Nadine recommended specific supplementation for them. The day we started we noticed a difference in my daughter. She was calmer, more focussed, remembered information and could stay on task. Her school reports reflected this change. Both my children now take one nutritional supplement to help them at school and the difference is huge.


Jane, Brisbane.

I highly recommend both Brendon and Nadine for their professional health services. They are both amazing with their knowledge and the service is so friendly and professional. Brendon has significantly improved my health and wellbeing in a number of areas. The differences are amazing! Thank you.

Gayle, New England.

Thank you love heart

What was your health situation? What were you trying to improve?

I had eczema on my legs and arms. It was very itchy and getting worse. I had tried some creams, seen the doctor and nothing was resolving my skin condition.


Why did you choose to work with me (Groves Natural Therapies)?

I found out about Groves Natural Therapies on the net and thought they might be able to help.


As a result of the treatment and lifestyle recommendations how do you feel now?

What has changed for you?

After Brendon identified the aggravating foods that caused the eczema I removed them from my diet. Within two weeks the skin dramatically changed and after four weeks the eczema had completed gone. I’m very happy not to have that itchy skin – that’s a big change for me.

Alan, New England.

As a client of Groves Natural Therapies for the last 14 years, I can attest to the significant improvement to my health prompted by the clinic’s treatments and dietary suggestions.

I have had a chronic lung condition since childhood, which once resulted in regular chest infections, days in bed and years of antibiotics.

This was relieved considerably when I discovered the benefits of acupuncture 35 years ago, and improved even further when I started seeing Nadine at Groves Natural Therapies. Nadine introduced the concept of a wheat-free and gluten-free diet to improve gut health and the immune system, complemented by herbal tonics and nutritional supplements.

Combined with acupressure and my daily postural drainage, this regime has improved my general health, stabilised my weight (this used to seesaw) and enabled me to meet immune challenges without the need for antibiotics.

I am most grateful for Nadine’s gentle support and encouragement and Brendon’s assistance over the years – thank you so much.

Helen, Brisbane.

My two girls and I could not recommend Nadine more highly. She is always so warm and welcoming and my girls feel so comfortable with her. Through engaging conversation she is able to gain extra insight on top of the blood analysis etc into their needs. We have benefited greatly from Nadine

My 12-year-old daughter had glandular fever a few months ago, which left her immunity and energy low. Nadine was able to identify exactly what was missing and needed. Within 10 days we noticed a big difference in her energy levels, one being her no longer falling asleep straight after dinner! What amazed me was my daughter’s willingness to take everything, even reminding me at times. She could feel the difference herself and didn’t want to lose that. She liked feeling her normal self again and having the energy for dance and sport again without feeling the need to sit out. She also learnt how closely her moods are related to her health.

My 10-year-old daughter had chronic constipation problems and digestion problems. Firstly Nadine was able to help us with the GP to get the chronic constipation under control. Now that is going well we are working on her digestion. What I have noticed as this is improving is that she is satisfied when she eats for longer and she is no longer constantly chasing a sugar hit. Another thing I have noticed, and not sure if its related to her improved gut health, but her learning difficulties are slowly improving and her concentration has increased greatly.

Joy, New England.

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