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Brisbane qualified health practitioners in naturopathy, nutrition, and herbal medicine. We listen to you in detail with a case history, tests, and employ carefully designed algorithms. (an algorithm is a group of questions mathematically, scientifically and reproducible formulas used in problem-solving) These questions help us to drill down into your profile to find the underlining and interrelated symptoms. You will have a productive and rewarding consultation that will add value to the time you spend with us.

Wellness Plan & Care Packages

Weight Loss Care Package  

The hormone ghrelin acts quickly to initiate hunger when your stomach is empty and tells you to “EAT”, the signal to stop is sent to your brain when your stomach is full. The more you eat your belly stretches, and that means, you guessed it, the more you eat, the more you can fit in your stomach before you get the signal to stop eating. Looking in the mirror can be a shock… what happened!

Well, thankfully we have the hormone Leptin (from Greek word “thin”). Leptin is a mediating hormone of energy balance, suppressing food intake results in inducing weight loss.

It is now established that obese patients are leptin-resistant.Foods like unprocessed oats boost metabolism and decrease leptin resistance. High protein diets, vegan diet, low carb, raw food, all can be modified to support leptin and Ghrelin levels, this a highly effective in weight management program and can make the difference between losing weight or not. *Ref:

Other factors that can contribute to weight management:

  • High fibre foods
  • Sleep
  • Protein intake 
  • Stress level
  • Leaky gut syndrome


Our Weight Loss Care Package puts all this together into a 6 week program; each person receives a personalised plan tailored to their dietary needs. I want to know more 



Wellness Support

It’s tuff to make a change when it’s about your health. What to do? And where to start? Can be confusing. It’s difficult to make the decision. We will work with you to support, help you make the changes to improve your life. The wellness program is personalised to you. You will learn how food effects condition and what foods promote health, what supplements to take and what NOT to take. Exercise that is beneficial and one that you just shouldn’t be doing. Sleep secrets to restoring energy. Lifestyle recommendations sculpt your new healthy life the way you want it.

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Benefits Patients Value

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My daughter had a rash. We were looking for a solution to stop the outbreak. Brendon suggested a blood test to identify food sensitives. We removed the three foods, and that took away the rash but the miracle for me it took away the hormonal swings. I did not realise that having those foods contributed to the mood swings. The change from arguing every day to only once a month is enormous, around her period. The stress that was in the house before has decreased. The stress levels went down, the screaming matches went down, a lot more peace in the house.

Helen Brisbane November 2017

My children are both dyslexic and have trouble focussing. I was about to put them on Ritalin when Nadine recommended specific supplementation for them. The day we started we noticed a difference in my daughter. She was calmer, more focussed, remembered information and could stay on task. Her school reports reflected this change. Both my children now take one nutritional supplement to help them at school and the difference is huge.

Jane, Brisbane October 2015

Combined with acupressure and my daily postural drainage, this regime has improved my general health, stabilised my weight (this used to seesaw) and enabled me to meet immune challenges without the need for antibiotics.I am most grateful for Nadine’s gentle support and encouragement and Brendon’s assistance over the years – thank you so much.

Helen, Brisbane December 2015

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