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Welcome to the online home, of our Clinic.

Thank you for choosing to visit our practice website we are centrally located in the heart of Indooroopilly Brisbane Australia, we are a wellness centre, and we pride our selves in the exceptional personal quality care service we provide.

Our expertise comes from nearly 18 years clinical practice, with an ever-increasing interstate and international following we have committed to embracing this medium, from here you will see our online presence grow. Our strength is our simple integrated approach to health and healing along with 18 years of clinic experience ”knowing what works.”  

Our goal is to treat each individual with kindness, respect and professionalism. We are a small team, and we are passionate about what we do, and practice what we preach, our mission is your wellness and success, which you will take part in.

If you are new to our website, please feel free to discover and learn about our concept of Naturopathic wellness. If you are interested in starting your journey towards wellness please make an appointment and take advantage of our 1st visit care package.

It is important that you understand what we offer and what is possible if you are unsure, we are the type of clinic you can call to schedule a time for you to chat with our Naturopath Brendon Groves with almost 19 years clinical experience, he can answer most questions.

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In health and happiness

Brendon Groves
Adv. Dip. H. Sc. Nat, Dip. H. Sc. H.M., Dip. H. Sc. Nut
General Naturopathic Practitioner and Founder
Groves Natural Therapies

Ps: Our web home is ever developing. However, it is not the area of our expertise, yet we choose to develop and write it for you in this way you may better get to know us, so our website is not an interpretation of a developer or a marketing company whereas it remains an expression of us, so please enjoy. 


Care Package  

The hormone ghrelin acts quickly to initiate hunger when your stomach is empty and tells you to “EAT”, the signal to stop is sent to your brain when your stomach is full. The more you eat your belly stretches, and that means, you guessed it, the more you eat, the more you can fit in your stomach before you get the signal to stop eating. Looking in the mirror can be a shock… what happened!

Well, thankfully we have the hormone Leptin (from Greek word “thin”). Leptin is a mediating hormone of energy balance, suppressing food intake results in inducing weight loss.

It is now established that obese patients are leptin-resistant.* Foods like unprocessed oats boost metabolism and decrease leptin resistance. High protein diets, vegan diet, low carb, raw food, all can be modified to support leptin and Ghrelin levels, this a highly effective in weight management program and can make the difference between losing weight or not. *Ref:

Other factors that can contribute to weight management:

  • High fibre foods
  • Sleep
  • Protein intake 
  • Stress level
  • Leaky gut syndrome


Our Weight Loss Care Package puts all this together into a 5 week program; each person receives a personalised plan tailored to their dietary needs. I want to know more 



Peoples Stories

My daughter had a rash. We were looking for a solution to stop the outbreak. Brendon suggested a blood test to identify food sensitives. We removed the three foods, and that took away the rash but the miracle for me it took away the hormonal swings. I did not realise that having those foods contributed to the mood swings. The change from arguing every day to only once a month is enormous, around her period. The stress that was in the house before has decreased. The stress levels went down, the screaming matches went down, a lot more peace in the house.

Helen Brisbane

“My children are both dyslexic and have trouble focussing. I was about to put them on Ritalin when Nadine recommended specific supplementation for them. The day we started we noticed a difference in my daughter. She was calmer, more focussed, remembered information and could stay on task. Her school reports reflected this change. Both my children now take one nutritional supplement to help them at school and the difference is huge.”

Jane, Brisbane

“Combined with acupressure and my daily postural drainage, this regime has improved my general health, stabilised my weight (this used to seesaw) and enabled me to meet immune challenges without the need for antibiotics.I am most grateful for Nadine’s gentle support and encouragement and Brendon’s assistance over the years – thank you so much.” 

Helen, South Brisbane

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